Морское стекло Мозаика Русалка Декор стены / Причудливая.

Mosaic panel : glass mosaic decor with their own hands in the bathroom and artistic

Moroccan mosaic tiles, also referred to as zillij, Moorish, Andalusian or Fes tiles, have an antique look because they are handmade. Our master artisans in the ancient Moroccan city of Fes, center of Moroccan hand-crafted tile, employ traditional techniques of cutting and glazing zellij tile. The result is an unparalleled richness of color and quality of craft. Seen today throughout Morocco as well in the Spanish floor and wall tile of the Andalusian region, mosaic is a treasured element in many traditional Mediterranean floor and wall coverings. Mosaic House is pleased to carry on this tradition and make it available to today’s designers and home owners. Tapped to work on the Alhmabra restoration, Mosaic House is the world’s leading manufacturer of mosaic tile. Renowned for our quality and craftsmanship, Mosaic House is the choice for today’s top designers. A full range of colors ranging from soft mother of pearl, to deep cobalt, rich red and sparkling turquoise , as well as an enormous selection of both traditional and contemporary patterns creates a selection of tile broad enough to encompass any design scheme. Consider using a traditional pattern in contemporary colors – the possibilities are limitless. Not only are mosaic tiles ideal for floor and wall applications, but they can also be used to decorate fountains, walls, swimming pools, arches, fireplaces and columns. Tile is also an inspired alternative to traditional stone products like marble. The kitchen and bath are two areas that lend themselves particularly well to mosaic tile. Today neither of these rooms has a purely utilitarian function.

You can view many kitchen and bath ideas, as well as countertops, foyers, and other spaces on our портфолио page. Our encaustic tile is a revival of a Mediterranean tradition and is the perfect choice for the modern home. Durable enough for commercial spaces, cement tile is equally at home in the foyer, kitchen or bath. With over 40 cement colors, we can accommodate the design objectives of any space, be it warm and rustic or bold and modern. Traditional patterns based upon floral motifs or ancient Moorish geometric patterns, have been reinterpreted to suit today’s tastes. Choose from boldly graphic, soft and subdued, to classically Moorish. Our newest line pairs strong geometry with fresh color resulting in tile work that is contemporary yet rooted in tradition. Our unique line of ручной росписью ceramic tile draws upon centuries old Moorish tradition. Created by our artisans in Fez, each tile is painted by hand in our deep cobalt blues against a mother of pearl white field. Consider using as an elegant alternative to traditional fireplace tile or as an accent piece, this versatile hand painted tile is as at home in the kitchen as it is in the bath, pool or foyer. Hand painted from locally sourced pigments, our craftsman in Fes create vivid tile suitable for stair risers, backsplashes and countless other possibilities. Our vivid yellows, soft greens, and deep burgundies and blues are a rustic yet sophisticated alternative to standard tile. Mosharabi, mousharabiyah, or mosharabia refers to the production of hand-turned wooden screens. It is a specialty of Mosaic House. Traditionally used as a door or window treatment that allowed for both air and light while maintaining privacy, today mosharabi is a popular decorative element. Suitable as cabinetry, doors, windows, or for furniture accents, our selection of patterns allows for a number of design choices regarding both scale and intricacy. Each panel is made to the customer’s specifications. View our mosharabi patterns. Mosaic House is pleased to provide our clients with a team of experienced designers to help in every stage of the design process – from concept to completion. Our unique approach provides tailored solutions and guarantees that each space is a unique reflection of the client’s style. Our team of experienced designers is pleased to work with our clients to provide tailored, one of a kind solutions for our clients. With a range of design options available including renderings, 2-D mockups and general advice, we facilitate the interior design process. Contact one of our representatives to begin customizing your own space today. As a perennial favorite of today’s top designers, Mosaic House has been a regular feature in such publications as Martha Stewart Living, Bathroom Trends, Better Homes and Gardens, Body and Soul, Domino, Elle Décor, Flatiron, Garden Design, House Beautiful, Interior Design, Kitchen and Bath Ideas, Los Angeles Times, Martha Stewart Living, Metropolitan Home, New York Times, O Magazine, Robb Report, Saudi Aramco World, Western Interiors, Town and Country, and Wedding Dresses.

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Notes on Moroccan Design

The Moroccan tradition of interior design is rich and full of unique features that make it one of the most eccentric and exotic styles today. Many of the idiosyncracies within Moroccan interior décor are a reflection of Morocco’s collection of diverse cultures and traditions. With over 11 official languages and an atmosphere conducive to innovation, Moroccan interior design has emerged as one of the most vibrant and unique styles in the world. Perhaps the most important element in any authentic Moroccan interior is color. Far from the more muted colors used in most traditional Western décor, Moroccan colors and bold, electrifying and energetic. Eye-catching reds, vibrant purples, emerald greens and bright golds are all used to set the tone of the interior décor. These daring and pronounced colors are offset by more subdued earth tones like sand, cinnamon and terra cotta. By striking a balance between bright saturated hues and soft neutrals, Moroccan interiors achieve a very lively yet casual and comforting atmosphere. The color blue is central to Moroccan design. Embraced by both the Mediterranean and Atlantic, Moroccan blues range from soft sky blues to deep cobalts. Bright turquoise hues are often a central feature of Moorish design found throughout the interior spaces. In fact, it is traditional to paint the doors and shutters of a home blue – a tradition that dates back to ancient Egypt, where it was believed that this practice would prevent evil spirits from entering the home. Even if warding off evil is not a concern, the look is both stunning and original. Another element critical to traditional Moroccan interior design is the use of geometric patterns in both the interior and exterior. The patterned mosaic tiles are often repeated throughout the home with changes in size and variation in pattern. Some of the most basic of these shapes are diamonds, circles, rectangles, arches, stars and triangles. Found not only on mosaic tile, these motifs reoccur on doors, gates, and, of course, on rugs. Many traditional homes will also have these shapes engraved in the exterior façade, as well as on the windows and doors. The fabrics employed in Moroccan interior design are of course colorful and incorporate the same hues described earlier. The material itself tends to be rich, and, some would say, exotic. Wool, silk and velvet are all favorites in Moroccan décor. For bedding, throws and pillows of these materials are often beaded and embroidered. Traditional Moorish lanterns are covered in geometric patterns and employ colored glass. The light produced by the candle or bulb is thrown through these patterns to bathe the space in a warm and subtle light. Another detail critical dating back centuries is the tea table. Traditionally, these was a place where men would gather to discuss business or politics while sipping tea. In a more contemporary design scheme, the tea table could be used as either a strictly decorative piece or as a casual sitting area. A carved or painted trunk is another element found in Moroccan homes. Functioning as a storage space, but often used as a coffee table and illuminated by a crockery lamp the trunk is another element in an authentic Moroccan look. Area rugs are the essential element of a Moorish home, and not just one. Moroccan interior design is without questions one of the most unique in the world.

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Helpful terms

While Mosaic House is a contemporary tile company offering an extensive line of mosaic tiles and bath products inspired by Moroccan design, our work can be interpreted in many different ways. A brief introduction to terms used by designers and on our website can be helpful.

French tile or carreaux ciment is often used to describe cement tile or encaustic cement tile. As a former French colony, French art and French architecture have left indelible marks on the designers and architects of Morocco. Moroccan fabric and Moroccan furniture, as well as mosaic tile and encaustic tile show traces of this influence even today. For decades, many architects, designers and artists trained in French schools and universities, as well as L’ecole des beaux arts, have created a range of tile work. Requesting Art Deco tile, as well as traditional tile and antique tile, these designers have fueled an explosion of creativity in modern Moroccan tile. Mosaic House is pleased to have teamed up with many of them in the tile making process. Among these projects are handmade tile with Moroccan colors based on French fabric designs and old French tile. Islamic fabric, Turkish fabric and tile and other sources have also entered the mix.

Many of our clients share with us their experiences while visiting Andalusia. For centuries, Moorish design and Spanish art coexisted throughout the Hispano Moresque region. From Granada to Cordoba and Seville, Moorish tile, Moorish architecture and Moorish fountains are very much in evidence. The overlaps between Spanish tile and Moroccan tile are inescapable to anyone who has visited the homes, gardens and palaces of southern Spain. In fact, Mosaic House was tapped to work on the restoration of the Alhambra. Echoes of this shared tradition can be heard across the Atlantic in both Mexican tile and Cuban tile.

Moroccan tiles can also be understood within the framework of Islamic Art. Arabesque tiles, and arabesques in general, can be found throughout Moroccan architecture. This tendency toward abstraction and non-representation in Moroccan zellige tile reflects an all-encompassing and decentralized view of God. Arabic art is also evident in the many Moroccan fountains found throughout the region in cities like Fes and Marrakech. As water represents life, special care has always been paid to the embellishment of wet environments. Moroccan bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes and hamams are often showpieces of Moroccan mosaic tiles. Ceramic Moroccan tiles grace many communal fountains in countless Moroccan kasbahs.

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Moroccan culture is also a product of its position on the sea. Mediterranean tile, Italia tile and handmade Moroccan tile are quite similar. Mediterranean architecture has long made use of encaustic tile and ceramic. The Moroccan Riad is in fact very similar in layout and design to the Mediterranean villa. In Moroccan interior design, Moresque tiles decorate every surface. Moroccan tables and furniture are often embellished with tilework. Moroccan murals are complimented by mosaic borders and tile stair risers. Moorish exterior design continues the theme. Moroccan terra cotta tiles decorate the patio, pool and sidewalk.

Mosharabi, also known as mashrabiah, mosharabia, or mousharabieh are hand carved wooden lattice screens and are another traditional Moorish craft. Allowing for light and air, but preserving privacy, these wood panels are ideal for doors, windows or other architectural elements.Each hand-crafted piece is made to order allowing limitless possibilities for the designer.

Handmade tile is not a static art form, many notable projects continue to employ zellij tile in luxury hotels and resorts. La Mamounia, Sofitel’s Palais Jamais, the Standard Hotel, the Bowery Hotel, the Greenwich Hotel, the Four Seasons, and Julian Schabel’s Palazzo Chupi are just a few of the recent large scale projects for which Mosaic House has supplied ceramic tile.

We offer a large selection of handmade Moroccan tiles, mosaic tiles, terracotta tiles, hand painted tiles from Morocco.

Морское стекло Мозаика Русалка Декор стены / Причудливая ванная комната Художественная вывеска Табличка Висячий орнамент / Природный морской подарок Природа Подарок

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Русалка настенная подвесная из морского стекла и смеси мозаичной плитки (стекло и керамика). Идеально подходит для любой комнаты в вашем доме!

Изготовлен из морского стекла Seaham из графства Дарем, Англия. Они могут быть полностью изготовлены из морского стекла или смеси морского стекла и мозаики.

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Я сама собрала морское стекло, вручную вырезала форму русалки и нанесла тессеры. Отделывается в белой затирке. Задняя часть и края окрашены в белый цвет, чтобы соответствовать.

Обращайтесь с осторожностью и держитесь подальше от детей. Все изделия ручной работы могут иметь небольшие недостатки, добавляя очарования и уникальности изделиям ручной работы.

✨Изделие ручной работы от MyriadMosaics & Glass – Это красивое изделие может быть адаптировано к вашему дизайну – пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами, если вы хотите изменить цвета или добавить что-то новое. Я люблю комиссионные! ✨✨

Другие морские стеклянные и мозаичные русалки –

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